50 years of the Kuwait Fund: OFID Message and Testimony


2012: Proud and appreciative of 35 years of successful, joint endeavor, the Governing Board, the Director-General and the staff of OFID (the OPEC Fund for International Development) congratulate the Government of Kuwait and the Management of the Kuwait Fund on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and:

  • Attest to the generosity of a nation and its distinguished record of cooperation with the developing world;
  • Recognize the distinctive signature of the Kuwait Fund in hospitals, schools, roads, dams and industrial plants in so many poor and not so poor countries;
  • Acknowledge the unwavering dedication to a vision where people are the focus of development, where strategies blend experience and foresight, and where advice combines institutional knowledge and partner countries’ priorities;
  • Underscore the Kuwait Fund’s engagement and leadership in the coordination of Arab aid and the promotion of international cooperation and appreciate its commitment to poverty alleviation and the economic empowerment of the poor;
  • Look forward to continued OFID-Kuwait Fund collaboration at managerial and operational levels and to new joint ventures in support of shared objectives and common partners.