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OFID signs first-ever public sector loan agreement with Argentina
23.02.2015 | E07/2015   Read More..

OFID conference reviews aims and challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals
20.02.2015 | E06/2015   Read More..

OFID signs loan agreements with six partner countries
06.02.2015 | E05/2015   Read More..

OFID extends grant to Cuba for Ebola containment in Africa
06.02.2015 | E04/2015   Read More..

The City of Vienna honors OFID Director-General Al-Herbish
30.01.2015 | E03/2015   Read More..

OFID dedicates its 39th anniversary to the late King Abdullah Al Saud
Showcases role of education through joint exhibition with UNESCO
29.01.2015 | E02/2015   Read More..

OFID extends condolences on loss of King Abdullah
23.01.2015 | PR E01/2015   Read More..