Libya facts & figures

Official country name: Libya
National capital: Tripoli
Location: Extending along the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, bordering Tunisia and Algeria to the west, Niger and Chad to the south, Egypt to the east, and Sudan to the south-east.
Area: 1.76 million km2
Population: 6.4 million
Population density: 4 per km2
GDP per capita: US$ 12,777 *
GDP at market prices: US$ 81.92 billion *

* Source: OPEC


OFID Ministerial Council Member:
H.E. Dr. El Kilani A. El Kilani, Minister of Finance

OFID Governing Board Representative:
Dr. Mokhtar Abozrida, Governor of Libya

OFID Alternate Governing Board Representative:
Dr Abdulnaser Othman Abdullah, Ministry of Finance