Indonesia facts and figures

Official country name: Republic of Indonesia
National capital: Jakarta
Location: An archipelago of more than 13,000 islands, lying between the mainland of south-east Asia and Australia.
Area: 1.904 million km2
Population: 246.9 million
Population density: 129.7 per km2
GDP per capita: US$ 5.182 *
GDP at market prices: US$ 878.04 billion *

* Source: World Bank


OFID Ministerial Council Member:
HE Dr Muhamad Chatib Basri, Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance

OFID Governing Board Representative:
HE Dr Anny Ratnawati (Mrs), Vice Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance

OFID Alternate Governing Board Representative:
Mr Askolani, Director General of Budget and Alternate Governor of Indonesia to OFID, Ministry of Finance